This is how I work

The idea can come from just about anywhere. Then I make a sketch with pencil, or a more finished work in my computer. Or a collage, that serves as a sketch. But as a general rule the sketches are made in my computer. It is great fun to cut, paste, draw, paint, erase, change, diminish, enlarge, distort, changing the colours and shapes and motifs depending in what I feel at the moment. I always have several sketches and ideas going at the same time.

So I start off from my own motifs, and then I play in the computer. Or maybe pick details from a photo. Or I pick pieces from the world of pictures and make a collage from small details or large fields. I build it to a quick sketch capturing the general idea to start painting from, or a more elaborate, finished, idea for a picture.

I can think about a sketch for a long time, and maybe I discard it. Or I start painting at once the sketch is finished. One example of painting without the computer as a tool is “Glow”. It was painted from a drawing I hade made, the colours were decided on the canvas and a flower added.

One example of a painting made from a sketch made in the computer is “Rock not Roll”. It was drawn up as a quick sketch and colour set in the computer, and then painted on canvas, reworked (a lot) and the seagull was added.

One example of a painting from a reworked photo is “Desert Cube”. The starting point was a photo of people on horseback in the desert, hence its title. The photo doesn’t have the same proportions and colours, neither the same people. The painting has many other differences from the original photo.

One example of painting from a simple collage is “Angels in the Alley”.

One example of painting from a more complex collage is “Blue Lotus” that I painted a few years back. It is now partially reworked, after giving it a rest for a while. The background is cut and pasted and painted in the computer. The man is painted on canvas from a pencil sketch, the lotus flower from a photo. I tweaked a lot and went back to the computer after giving it a rest. I was a difficult painting. The background with the portal was finished rather quickly. On the other hand, the ground, the man and the lotus flower in the foreground was reworked and the two suns I the background added. The painting is open for interpretation, which I like.

I paint a lot and for a long time on some paintings that prove to be difficult. While some prove to be easier. This goes for canvas and computer. I don’t know how the painting will turn out in real life on canvas, it’s impossible to predict. The end result can be (fairly) close to the sketch, or something entirely different. I refuse some paintings that I’m not happy with, or put them on hold for a while and return to them with fresh ideas and new eyes.

Sometimes they turn out really nice!



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