About me

Åsa ChambertI am a picture geek. If you want to say it a little more formal, you can say that I turn my life into pictures.

I think about pictures all the time and how what I see or experience could be a picture. Or consider pictures, of course my own but also those made by other people. And I do mean pictures, not just paintings. It may be illustrations, photographs, sculptures or things that are not meant as art at all. Or I create pictures.

I have always been interested in pictures. Maybe it was because I worked a (short) time at architect’s office when I was young. But it was actually very boring; too many limitations. So I decided to create pictures for a living. First I went to art school in Lund. Then I applied to HDK in Gothenburg. The goal was to be an illustrator, which I became.

It was a fun and exciting job, and I was actually one of the first illustrators in Gothenburg working digitally (I still use the computer as sketchbook). I worked for many large companies, such as Posten (Swedish equivalent to Royal Mail/US Mail), SCA, Electrolux and Volvo.

But when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, I suffered a severe form of epilepsy (she survived and are doing well). After a few years of absence, it was clear that I would not be able to continue illustrating. Not that I had lost my feeling for pictures or artistic sense, but it was now impossible to work under the kind of pressure and stress the deadlines of advertising agencies and publishing houses create.

So I started painting instead. And I’ve done that in the past ten years. I have exhibited more and more, and sell much of what I paint, which feels absolutely amazing. Two examples are Konstrundan i Majorna (four times) and Liseberg Christmas Fair.

A few years I was invited to exhibit at Europride in Stockholm, when I painted on the theme “The Nude Male”. This became a great success.

Some of the results you see here on my blog.

My studio is located at Sockerbruket 17, Klippan (Gothenburg). Phone: +46 760-29 59 21, asa.chambert1@gmail.com

Short about me:

  • Painting and sculpture in Lund, 1982 – 1984.
  • School of Design and Crafts (HDK), illustration and graphic design 1985 – 1990.
  • Worked as an illustrator and graphic designer since 1991, but is now as a an artist and painter.
  • Oil painting for Söre Olsson 2003 – 2006.
  • Joint exhibition Gallery Art Now, spring 2007.
  • Exhibition on Konstrundan i Majorna 2008, theme “The Nude Male”.
  • Exhibition in Pride Park Gallery 2008 (Europride), theme “The Nude Male”.
  • Exhibition on Konstrundan i Majorna 2009, theme “Trees”.
  • Exhibition on Konstrundan i Majorna 2010, theme “Landscapes and Marine”.

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